Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 Valuable Lessons Learned When Giving a Logo Design Quote

About a few months ago, someone contacted me — out of the blue — for a logo design quote. Since they gave me no real context for the request I responded with a few quick questions. However, this person seemed in a hurry to make a decision, so I quoted them a priced based on their scant response. I usually don't quote prices like that, because I need to understand what position is their business in the marketplace, if they have any understanding of the design process, and how committed they are in crafting a business logo that really represents them well.

Needless to say, they considered my quote too high. They were shopping quotes on logo design and found an overseas company that would whip one up for $200. I appreciated them for letting me know (which saved me a lot of time). But I learned three valuable lessons:
  1. Have every price inquirer fill out a form or answer a set of questions no matter how hurried they are. In this way I'll be able to give a proper quote in a timely manner while weeding out the occasional tire-kickers.
  2. Always quote a range for price-shoppers. This provides some leeway for negotiation, if they truly want to work with me.
  3. Find out if they understand what a well-designed logo will gain for them in market share and potential revenue. In this way the conversation can shift from cost to value.
In thinking about this issue, I also want to share four past articles on the subject of logo design. Enjoy.

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