Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Custom Logo Design Makes Good Business Sense

Whenever someone starts out in business, they determine that they need a logo at some point. It becomes important how that business is presented in the marketplace. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is go buy a logo to put something on your business card or stationery. Maybe a little something to put on shipping labels. It is so easy to just get whatever a copy shop offers, or buy one over the internet.

However — this almost goes without saying — an original illustrated logo is better than clip art — especially when designing a logo or icon. The client seeks out a designer to create his logo because she expects original work, and a custom solution. Unfortunately, there is the temptation for some clients to "save" money by using a clip art logo. So, what's wrong with that?

  • Clip art is ubiquitous. It is, by very nature, not unique or custom. Perhaps some embellishments can make it seem unique. But there will always be elements that will remain familiar for all the wrong reasons.
  • Clip art is cheap, therefore making you look cheap (unless that is what you desire). It also is more likely to be used by a your competitors. If you choose to pay for exclusive rights, you might end up paying as much for a totally unique design.
  • Clip art is not you. You are unique. There is no one on earth — past, present, or future — who is just like you. Therefore, the way you do business, and your products and services, have a unique quality to them. Why not express that uniqueness in your company signature — your logo.
  • A clip art logo places your business within a certain niche. You may have spent a lot of time on your business plan. But your customers recognize you by your logo and brand presentation. They don't see your personality, business plans, nor service commitment until they experience you. That comes after the initial presentation. However, it is in the initial few seconds of presentation that most potential customers will decide who you are. Do you want to rely on clip art to do that?
It's almost as important how you start as to how you end up in business. Why not get a good start with an original logo and brand design strategy?


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

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  2. John -- thanks. I have so many articles, and so little time. I'll get on it.

  3. This post was so great. Custom Logos are very important for a business and your tips can be their guideline to have a successful logo design. I will definitely suggest this to my friend. Big thanks.


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