Friday, February 11, 2011

20 Attractive "404 Page-Not-Found" Page Designs

Why post "404 Page-Not_Found" pages? Well, they get very little attention. In so many cases they are just an afterthought. I came across some different, creative, and innovative 404 pages, and just had to post some. These pages can be an extension of branding efforts, information, and entry-ways into websites for lost visitors. I searched for others and added them here. Enjoy!

  1. Dailymotion Cloud

  2. Deliciously Creative

  3. Design Fusions

  4. Future of Web

  5. Carol Rivello

  6. Popscreen

  7. Carsonified

  8. nclud™

  9. Chris Jennings

  10. Astuteo

  11. Slonky

  12. Product Planner

  13. Duoh

  14. Chris Glass

  15. Newspond

  16. GOG

  17. CSSRemix

  18. Frye/Wiles


  20. Fehler | Kochatelier Berlin

I am sure there are more. So, please feel free to add any of your own favorites! Thanks.

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