Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Not to Work with Creative Folks

There is sometimes confusion over who does what in a client/creative relationship. Collaboration makes for the best solutions. But when does it become a problem?

The working relationships that hinder the process occur when a client and creative are not communicating well. This happens most when a client, who has limited understanding, tries to prescribe solutions to the problems he presents to the creatives he hired. Hopefully, the creatives were hired because they are trained and skilled at arriving at communication and marketing solutions. The creative should be capable of coming up with solutions that are highly successful and innovative, if allowed to do so.

However, a client need not be passive either. The client needs to provide the reasons for their communication or marketing piece, who they are targeting, and what outcome they expect. During the creative process, they need to be involved in making sure the written text and design are speaking in the same tone of voice and style. And that the voice or style is what they want communicated.

Both the designer and the writer or editor need this type of feedback to ensure that the correct message is communicated to the intended audience.

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