Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Apple's Successful iPhone

As you've probably already heard, Apple's iPhone is selling great. There was a mad rush to purchase them as soon as they came out. Many owe the success to clever marketing. But if you've been reading this blog very long, you know what I think about it.

It seems plain enough to see. When a young man was interviewed on the news I was watching, the reporter asked him why he would stand in line all day, and pay such a high price for two iPhone's, when he already had other cell phones. The man said it perfectly, "Well, I had to get them, because if Apple makes them, I know it's going to be cool."

There you have it. Not terribly deep. Yes, the ads were great. Yes, the anticipation was high. But it came down to Apple's brand message. They are a cool company that makes cool things. And they cultivated that message by using good design from their advertising to the products themselves.

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