Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ford Says, "I'll Be Back!"

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Happy Birthday, USA!

You've probably already heard about Ford's amazing comeback fight. But if not, there is an excellent article about it in a Washington Post, June 17th article. Last week I discussed how certain brands were able to bounce back from PR disaster. And Ford was one of those companies. The article goes into detail as to the attitude of its CEO and other employees. Yes, they had to let some people go, and their sales figures are still struggling, but they refocused their efforts into making better quality cars, not just PR campaigns. And this is not going unnoticed.

In making better cars, Ford is getting noticed by industry experts. As revealed by the great showing in the JD Power and Associates survey, customers are taking a second look at Ford. And those that buy are leaving happy. What better PR is there than satisfied customers?

When a brand needs revitalization the first question to ask is always, "Why?" Is there a need for updating the look of the logo because it is aging? Are customers less and less enthusiastic about your organization or business? Are sales figures sagging, or donations harder to come by? These may all point to a new or updated brand approach.

But it is important to remember that a brand is not a logo, colors, or the look of stationery. It is the reputation an entity or person holds in the minds of those to whom it comes in contact. It can be positive or negative, but it can not be controlled. People will think about you whatever they please. What can be controlled is the information you supply to them, the manner you supply it, and the attitude you have when you do. You can convey this information through your graphics, communication style, colors, quality of service or products, employee attitudes, or written information. It can be conscious or unconscious.

We can not control what someone says about us, the media, market conditions, unforeseen problems or disaster, and so forth. However, we can influence these areas by using good planning, solid strategy, and persistence.

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