Thursday, February 28, 2013

11 Well-Designed Websites of Copywriters

Copywriters help make visual design into communication. The combination of words, type, color, and arrangement can produce powerful communication if the relationships are understood. It takes thought to develop good copy that not only sells well and communicates a message, but also works well in tandem with visual form. Therefore, I appreciate the craft of writing because good design relies on good copy.

I also appreciate well-designed sites that get to the point and provide an uncluttered experience. That's why in this article I decided to showcase some copywriters who have well-designed websites. This is in no way exhaustive. But what this list does is demonstrate that writing and design are suppose to work together.

  1. Scott Shalles

  2. James Schmidtke

  3. Tracy Locke

  4. Courtney Davidson

  5. Rob Pettis



  8. girlryan

  9. Chris Gilbert Creative

  10. Stefani Zellmer

  11. Butter and Jerome

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