Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Future of Graphic Design

I am sure that whether you have been a designer very long, or if you've worked with designers through the years, you are noticing a change in job descriptions for designers. Of course, I would expect to see the need to be able to design for the web to be more prevalent, or a need to know something about web technologies. But, I find it interesting that the qualifications seem to be getting longer, and the salaries are getting smaller.

Maybe it's my imagination, but the jobs that are listed in the newspaper seem to be…well…sort of dog jobs. I mean, although some expectations are understandable—such as proficiencies in XHTML, CSS, PHP/SQL, excellent writing and speaking skills, and design ability—I am also starting to see things like the ability to do programming in C++, project management skills with proficiency in project management software, managing freelancers, developing multimedia applications, and creating marketing plans and materials. And get this. All for a whopping $36 K. Wow! Where do I sign up?

Again, maybe it's my imagination.

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