Thursday, April 03, 2014

5 Reasons Why Graphic Design Makes Good Business Sense

In business, graphic design is often considered the last tactic of a business strategy. For some, graphic design is like decorating a home. After getting the house built, the carpeting down, and the furniture situated, it's time to add some items here and there to make it pretty.

But graphic design is much more than decoration. It's about communicating messages that are important, but often intangible. It's about bringing the viewer together with the seller and motivating action. It's about making an impact — for good or ill.

Design creates:

1. Differentiation

Graphic design helps brands stand out from a crowd of look-alike competitors. It visually defines a brand's identity. And design has the power to make something as elusive as a brand's identity into something tangible.

2. Distinctiveness

Graphic design not only helps a brand stand out, it sets the proper expectations for the audience's experience. It sets the value a brand holds within it's industry, and, as a result, sets the price-point in the minds of its customers.

3. Dependability

Graphic design has the ability to make a brand trustworthy to an audience unfamiliar with the brand. But when a brand designs its materials consistently the brand will become something customer's prefer over other brands from fly-by-night businesses.

4. Disclosure

Graphic design can reveal the hidden messages inherent within brands. The invisible qualities like values, character, and style become visible when the design is applied skillfully.

5. Drama

And last, graphic design evokes emotion. It takes those hidden messages and elusive qualities and makes the audience feel something about them. When done well it will inspire action and thought.

Every good designer knows that design is more than the sum of its parts.

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