Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Power of a Thank You

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. The reason I feel this way is it's a time to nationally remember God's blessings in our lives. The blessing of living in freedom, of having provisions, and being loved.

This is also a good time to express thankfulness to the people that mean so much to us, and to those we do business with and work for.

Why? There are two reasons: people need to hear that they matter, and we need to be reminded that they matter. It's too easy to complain about so many things, and be dissatisfied about what we don't have or about other people. In the process we often ignore what we do have, who we care about, and those who care about us.

As designers we have plenty to grumble about: bad clients, bosses without a clue, or unreasonable deadlines. But, we get to do the thing we love the most: create visually compelling communication. Let's remember this, at least for now. And let our clients, boss and co-workers know that they matter, even if they don't treat us like we matter. Doesn't have to be a big deal. Maybe a card, email, or a piece of candy. Just do the unexpected.

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