Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 Things Every Business Owner Must Know

What’s the difference between an artist who is a painter, and a house painter? They both paint. They may even both use a primer or paint on walls. So, what's really the difference?

There are two important differences. Their audience, and what their audience expects.

A fine art painter paints for entertainment value. Her audiences are either art buyers or dealers who appreciate, and are entertained, by the painter’s work. On the other hand,  a house painter paints for homeowners who want their home decorated beautifully, improved in value, and done professionally. Each audience values something different.

This is what every business owner needs to understand. The business they are in has less to do with what the business does or produces, and more to do with their audience and what their audience values from the business.

To create appropriate marketing and design, every business owner must:
  1. Identify who would value your services. For a house painter it would be homeowners looking for home improvement help.
  2. And find out what your audience values about your services. It is rarely the task or product itself. It's the promise your business offers that captures them.
Homeowners looking for a painter because they value saving time, value professional and attractive results, and value efficiency. Painters aren’t valued because they paint. A business owner who understands this makes a great client for designers. And designers who understand this make great designers.

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