Monday, May 30, 2011

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I get asked this a lot. "Where do you get your design inspiration?"

Sometimes the question concerns my process of developing ideas. Sometimes it concerns a proven technique that I can pass along. I know I've mentioned previously that designers need certain things to remain creative. But this is different. The question is not so much about being creative, as it is about some sort of formula or process that guarantees a source of constant inspiration.

Truthfully, what works today, may not work tomorrow. Although I do have a process, as with most designers, sometimes the ideas just don't come easily. Sometimes inspiration is the result of random experiences, viewing unrelated material, how you feel, or just plain supernatural insight. I've been inspired by watching television bumpers and commercials, reading books, viewing magazines, having discussions with friends, and looking at all sorts of annuals.

Nothing guarantees results. But, the act of seeking inspiration, over time, has its own rewards. It increases the designer's visual vocabulary, speeds the process of inspiration, and creates an awareness of trends and best practices.

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