Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Brief Notes About Design

Design is like skin in the sense that it gives form and meaning to the substance within. It turns a confusing set of facts into an attractive and sensible visual arrangement. Just like we have the ability to recognize a person because of their physical makeup—yet not truly see their soul—it gives people the ability to identify something intangible.
  • Substance is the intangible soul or true identity of a person or thing.

  • Form is the appearance of that substance. In other words, that intangible quality which is made tangible visually.

  • Meaning is the relevance of the those qualities to a specified audience. Relevance is often achieved through an emotional connection.

Good design isn't decoration. Though it is meant to be attractive, it is primarily communication.

Good design isn't fine art. Design is an art in the sense that it requires skill, ability, and creativity. But it isn't a self-serving venture. It must communicate what a client desires, while speaking to that client's audience in a meaningful manner.

Good design isn't superficial. As above, design doesn't operate as a means to decorate a message that isn't true. It must actually communicate the substance that is truly there, even if it isn't readily apparent.

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