Monday, March 29, 2010

The Problem of Creating and Implementing a Marketing Plan

The funny thing about marketing plans is that people either desire to create one, or to do without one. Those who create a plan, find that implementing is not always as glamourous as creating. And for those who poo-poo a plan, do so believing that implementing is more important than going through the trouble of creating a plan — seeing it as a waste of time. For them, marketing is simply the act of advertising as cheaply as possible.

The problem with either approach is that no one is truly counting the cost. What I mean is that whether you have a plan or not, someone must sit down and think about what they can physically and financially afford to do before doing it. The funny thing is that when you do it … well … you are forced to plan.

But for the plan to be useful, it must fit who you are, what you want to achieve, and what you can truly spend in time and money. And the plan must allow for more planning and adjustments during implementation.


  1. Just to add .02 cents

    1) Set achievable goals
    2) Measure your results
    3) Have a sounding board (2-4 board members to keep you accountable)

  2. Jae,

    You are right. These are very basic plans and goals when implementing. May not be glamorous, but an effective approach.


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