Thursday, July 02, 2009

Keeping Motivated and Creative

It happens to the best of us. We feel fresh out of ideas. Or we just feel exhausted. I enter those times especially when my plate is full and I am too busy to think straight. But not all is lost. If you want to keep your motivation and creativity as a designer, I've found some effective ways of doing this.

  • Draw.

    This is my first love. It is one of the reasons I've become a designer. I love to draw. And I've found that in the process of drawing, my mind is working.
  • Rest.

    I need rest. We all need rest. Our bodies and brains need rest. I have to force myself to rest. When I rest I give my mind a chance to create margins for creative thought. Think about it. Without white space in our designs, there is no place for the eye to rest. This causes fatigue and less information is absorbed or understood. A more effective approach with design — and in life — is to create space for margins.
  • Visit a museum.

    Whenever I get the opportunity, I love visiting the local museum and art galleries. It's good to look at artwork of great artists. I try to examine not only the beauty, but the subject matter. (What are they trying to say?)
  • Continue my education.

    I don't necessarily mean I always take formal classes. I mean I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and understanding. Reading books on various subjects and learning something new broadens my perspective and bank of ideas.
  • Maybe most important, reclaim my purpose.

    It is always a good idea for me to remind of myself why I do what I do. And what is my purpose for being. This not only focuses my efforts, it gives meaning and mission to my life and work. And with that, I have all the motivation I need.

These are not exhaustive of what I typically do, but perhaps you can benefit from trying these suggestions out.

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