Friday, June 12, 2009

5 Ways to Bring Passion Into Your Graphic Design Work

I recently read a blog post on American Artist Magazine which inspired me. After reading it I thought about ways we can maintain our passion when we design for others. It can get so hard sometimes when we get that same brochure to redesign, or website to update. Here are some thoughts I have about that.
  1. Put down that design annual. Stay off the computer for a time. Explore a subject thoroughly before drawing or designing anything. Use the time to look up words, find their antonyms and synonyms, and etymologies. Visit whatever the project is discussing (if can). Or visit the local museum. Then do some creative sketching. Don't worry about whether it meets the goals or not. Just draw.

  2. Acknowledge your assumptions, then question them. We all know business cards are 2 x 3.5 inches right? But why? Who came up with standard paper weights and sizes? Why do they work? As a matter of fact, what is a business card? What's it suppose to do? You get the picture.

  3. Get out of your comfort zone. Go ahead and design that company brochure. But why not design a whole new way of delivering the same message while you're at it. You don't have to present it to your client or boss. But you may come up with a better way of presenting the information. For example, instead of a brochure, what if you created a micro-website with a unique URL. And design a postcard to match — which simply drives traffic to that micro-website. And for good measure add a slick video message on the site and for broadcast. Hey, you may not do all that stuff, but it's fun to think it up, and challenge yourself to try it out (even if you have to recommend an outside expert).

  4. Embrace failure. I hope you understand that I am not saying practice being a loser. What I mean to say is practice learning. Think about it. We learn best when we try and fail, not when we play it safe. So, learn something new. Stretch your creative muscles. Even under the tightest regimes you can stretch. (Just don't let your dictator find you out!)

  5. Have fun. You get the idea.

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