Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trend Observation Confirmed

I did a couple of posts on the color green as a design trend. (See 5/9/08 post and 5/16/08 post) I contended that although green was still being used to denote the environmental concerns in an organization's visual communication, it is on the wane. I recently read in Graphic Design USA that LogoLounge has also noticed the same trend. Designers are using means other than the color green to get their environmental message across. This is a good thing. According to LogoLounge's report:
We saw less emphasis on sustainability or general “greenness” in logo design. There's plenty of natural imagery but being “green” doesn't seem all that unique anymore.

Colors are becoming more vivid. Desaturation has drained away, and the chroma factor pumped up.

There's an overall move toward cleanliness — in type, in line, in color — as if ideas are getting more and more succinct. It may be an indication of the degree of seriousness with which branding is now regarded.

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