Thursday, June 26, 2008

HP on Marketing Success

There's an interesting e-book that HP is promoting. It is called The Nine Steps to Outstanding Market Success. It is an ebook for small business owners providing marketing and sales advice. Each chapter has a bunch of checklists, worksheets and tips. Right now each chapter is coming out in incremental steps for free. Eventually the whole book will go on sale for $39.95. You may want to check it out while it's free. What HP says about it:
"This book provides actionable marketing and sales information for business owners and marketing managers. Sponsored by HP, all chapters can be downloaded for free six months before the official publishing date (regular retail value is $39.95). Beautifully illustrated and chock full of check lists, worksheets, tips and tricks, the book provides you with updated information on:
  • Finding your business focus
  • Getting more client appointments
  • Optimizing your web activities for search engines
  • Creating word of mouth through new media tools like blogs, wikis, optimized landing pages and much, much, more!"
Also, take a listen to the podcast with the author of the book.

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