Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Work or Struggle

Here's an interesting article on marketing at About.com that I think is pretty good. C.J. Hayden discusses the difference between working hard and struggling with your marketing efforts. I really like what she said about going by the numbers versus wishful thinking, and about putting money and time to good use, rather than using a scattered approach. One thing she said of note, and I also echo on this blog—especially since I am a visual designer—is
"Trust that if you choose two or three solid marketing strategies and employ them diligently, clients will result. If you panic and keep changing your plan, or piling new activities on the plate, the result is more struggle. Trust that if you spend some time and money on an attractive mailer and a targeted list with enough names on it, you will fill your workshop. And trust enough to spend that time and money up front instead of struggling by with an amateurish flyer and just asking your friends to spread it around."
Emphasis mine.

Link to article.

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