Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is Kodak Making a Comeback?

The Kodak Corporation recently redesigned its website to be more market-focused. They are appealing to general consumers, photographers, cinematographers, health and dental care professionals, graphic communicators, and business and government decision-makers. Kodak realizes that they must change their business model in order to compete successfully in the digital age.

And part of that change includes more than solving their target market's problems, but altering their products to be a part of the solutions they offer. Another recent achievement is that they just won awards for current product innovation. The line of Kodak Easyshare products garnered 4 Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Awards (sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, and endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America).

This is good news for Kodak, who has been going through tough times as of late. They are trying to turn things around, since the digital revolution seemed to have left them behind. Until now, their stock and trade was film, processing, and printing. Now they realize that they can't make the money they used to with that business model, because the digital market has changed all that. The digital market has changed the problems that need to be solved.

Can Kodak be part of the solution, or will they simply command the market to ignore the man behind the curtain? I don't know for sure right now, but they seem to be doing the right things to be innovative. If they are paying attention to the market, trying to answer the market's questions, and they are creating products that will support their value—without confusing their products with their business, they should be able to succeed. But they may consider a logo change like Nikon and Sprint have recently done to signify their committment to the new digital age.

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