Saturday, September 03, 2005


New Orleans doesn't exist anymore. Biloxi, Mississippi doesn't exist anymore. At least, like they used to. Let alone Sri Lanka, parts of India, and Indonesia. Everything has drastically changed. These are terrible reminders that nothing ever stays the same.

I don't believe anything is meant to stay the same in nature. But we as human beings nostalgically try to keep things the same. We strive, even for environmental concerns, to keep things from changing. But no matter what laws we enact, or the attempts to inhibit men from destroying nature, things still change -- even by nature itself.

If change is the natural state of existence, why do we so often resist change? Why is stability so comforting for us, if the natural state of things is to be in flux?

What does this have to do with graphic design?

Graphic design makes assumptions when implemented well. The first is that the visual language is commonly understood by the recipient as well as the sender. The second is that the emotional impact of design will be understood by the recipients. But these factors are always in flux. The audience changes. Times change. The mission of organizations, who wish to communicate, changes.

Graphic design, like any other thought-out system, must change to fit the landscape it finds itself in. What changes am I referring to? I don't know right now. Yeah, I personally want some things to stay the same, but, all I know for sure is that it is changing for better or for worse. And I know I have little control over those changes.

In the meantime, pray for Louisiana and Mississippi. And give them help if you can.

World Vision
Salvation Army


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