Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Power of Good Design

I like a well thought out design strategy. This week's Business Week article features a story about the design of the new Target prescription bottle. It has won design awards, and is creating quite a stir. Not because it is controversial, but because it is so good.

What makes it so good? It is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and revolutionary. The prescriptions are easier to read, because the text font and label size allow for a larger, more consistent type treatment, with helpful information at a glance. Also the upside-down bottle is a great idea, and creates a market differentiation. The personalized labels and removable colored rings make it easier for patients to distinguish their prescriptions from others.

All this was combined with a brilliant marketing strategy.

Good design is not always about what a company can promote, but what a company can actually offer as a benefit to its market, and ultimately to the world.

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