Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Human Beings of Design

If you catch the play on words in the name of this blog you will see that it is a play on the theological debate of whether human beings are a product of design and thought, or are we developed cosmic accidents. In the on-going discussion of the role design plays in the life of the business entreprenuer, the role of design in life naturally follows.

I am not necessarily referring to our origins here, but to the fact that design is all around us all the time. It permeates our lives to the point that we do not even notice it. Design is an expectation, and an integral part of our lives. We easily forget that everything we wear, the packaging of our food, the money we use, the car we drive, the device that you use to read this blog, and the home we live in were carefully considered design creations. Even if we do not have all those things, we exist in a world where we interact with design even if we own nothing.

Today, more than ever, design is being seen as a strategic part of business communication and service and product innovation. This is so because the world has gotton flatter. More people can produce more things for less. So companies are seeing the need to differentiate themselves more effectively, and design is the strategy. This is not exactly new thinking, but the critical effects of a global economy facilitate a massive shift in thinking.

Maybe we may also need to rethink how we got here...

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  1. Welcome to the blogger nation. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.


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